Ireland is famous for world-class festivals, events and destinations. We love fun and we love parties. But in the pursuit of a good time we can and do impact on the environment. The Green Your Festival programme was set up by local authorities to reduce these impacts and increase resource efficiency – while still having a great time!

With support from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Local Authority Prevention Network (LAPN), several local authorities have been working individually to prevent waste and emissions within their regions for many years. Some have worked with local events organisers to help them in this regard.


Now these local authorities have come together and are working closely as a team to maximise the benefits of their work and provide the resources and impetus to green even more events, festivals and destinations, all over the country – making sustainable fun the norm, not the exception.


Greenyourfestival.ie has been set up to disseminate what has been learned and achieved by the local authorities and participating events, festivals and destinations. 

Through the many success stories that have already taken place, and the tools and instruments that have been developed, other event organisers and destination mangers can take heart that it is possible to go green!