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Ireland is famous for world-class festivals, events and destinations. Several thousand of these are happening all over the country, 52 weeks of the year. While they provide major social, financial and cultural benefits to Ireland’s people, they can also have significant environmental impacts. The aim of Green Your Festival it to reduce this environmental impact, and many events and destinations have already been greened in partnership with the local authorities in their regions.

The website also aims to support and promote the many festivals, events and destinations that have already gone down the green route, and to allow discerning participants to sustain these environmentally friendly celebrations of what it is to be Irish.

Greening your festival is easy. There are some basic steps, which should be followed, but there are no set rules – just common sense.

Greening your festival can involve working in some or all of the following areas:

  • waste
  • water
  • energy
  • food

This website will provide information on each of the above areas. Coming soon!

Whichever you choose, the same general principles apply – and usually these start with involving the right people. These might vary from the festival organisers or committee, to people on the ground – such as festival staff or your waste contractor.

The LAPN has developed a simple starting guide. This outlines 4 basic, but important steps.

Click here to download the 4 step guide.

Another useful tool is available here. This guides you through some samples and gives helpful tips. This toolkit was also developed under the LAPN programme.

Click here to see the events and destinations that have been greened in Ireland.

Click here to download a brochure from Limerick Kerry Clare Regional Waste Management Office for festival goers

Click here to download a brochure from Limerick Kerry Clare Regional Waste Management Office for festival organisers

More tools and support to follow soon..

Latest news

Green Fleadh Ceoil Sligo 2015

With support from The Local Authority Prevention Network (LAPN) and Green Your Festival, The Fleadh Ceoil in Sligo has taken a number of measures to go green in 2015, building on the work done in 2014. A reusable Green Fleadh branded plastic glass for use outdoors proved popular. A ‘Green Aware’ programme has been run […]

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