What is Green Your Festival?

Green Your Festival is an initiative of participating Irish local authorities to improve the environmental performance of events, festivals and destinations in their regions. Greenyourfestival.ie has been set up to provide other local authorities, festivals, events and destinations with support materials and guidance to help them go green.


Who is involved?

With support from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Local Authority Prevention Network (LAPN), several local authorities have been working individually to prevent waste and emissions within their regions for many years. Some have worked with local events organisers to help them in this regard. Click here to see the full list of participating local authorities.


What festivals have been greened?

Many different types of festivals, events and destinations from all over Ireland have become involved in this programme, and with the support of their local authorities have achieved great results. Click here to see which festivals have been greened.


How can I green my festival?

It is not that difficult to green your festival, and we provide much assistance here.


How can I keep in touch?

Sign up for our regular Newsletter here. Like us on Facebook here. Follow us on Twitter here.


Who should I contact?

For more information about Green Your Festival contact the Clean Technology Centre or your local authority person here.


Can I use stuff from this website?

Yes you can but check out our terms and conditions here.




Latest news

Green Fleadh Ceoil Sligo 2015

With support from The Local Authority Prevention Network (LAPN) and Green Your Festival, The Fleadh Ceoil in Sligo has taken a number of measures to go green in 2015, building on the work done in 2014. A reusable Green Fleadh branded plastic glass for use outdoors proved popular. A ‘Green Aware’ programme has been run […]

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